Singing lessons in Montreal for adults and classes for kids (Ages 8+) with locations in the Plateau, Outremont, Mile End, Petite Italie, Downtown, NDG/CDN, and West Montreal.

Whatever your level, we want to work with you!

Our professional vocal coaches provide private singing classes for beginners and advanced studentsVocal coaching for advanced vocalists and professional artists include recording artists, rap artists, song writers, voice actors, and opera young artists.

Beginner singers of all ages are welcome!

Our methodology for teaching singing comes from a comprehensive study of the body and its habits, healthy exercises for your voice to strengthen it, an exploration of your artistry, and finally building your confidence so you can manipulate your sound and find nuance in your performance. 

Want to show Karen who rules the mic at Karaoke next weekend?

She better watch out.

Want to get into a masters program for opera?


Asking yourself, Why has my voice stopped improving?

Let's go.

Tell Us Your Budget. We have options.
Prices per lesson range from $25 - $90


How do you want to use your voice? Although there are ways to improve the power of your singing, certain styles need to be focused in on to master the genre. We are proud to offer teachers specializing in various forms of singing and the overall strengthening of the voice to prevent fatigue and vocal injury. Our styles of singing include learning to belt, sing opera, practice vocal improvisation, songwriting, and developing the ability to sing off the voice (also called airy singing) without injury.



Musical Theatre



Indie/ Acoustic


Vocal Improvisation

Ear Training for Singers

Musical Theory for Singers

Leadsheet / Song Writing 

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"Jordanne has a unique and effective approach to teaching. She has as much fun teaching you as you do learning with her. I would highly recommend her if you're just starting out or you want to take your skills to the next level"

Ira Miller, Pop & Indie Belt Singer

“ I came to Jordanne with very specific goals and mostly insecure about my singing. She made sure I reach every one of those goals in a limited time and was so encouraging and sincere about it that in just a few weeks I was performing on stage and feeling very good about it. I find her teaching method unique and effective and fully recommend her to students of any level!” 

J'ai pris des cours avec Alisha et c'est une super prof, elle met à l'aise, elle est très encourageante et à l'écoute. J'ai l'impression d'avoir appris vite et je la recommande fortement !!


In our hiring process we aim to employ the best singing teachers in Montreal based on performance experience, body awareness training, proficiency in multiple styles of singing, and their capacity to share what they know. However, even working with top vocal coaches: singing lessons can be affordable. 

We encourage you to reach out via phone or email to discuss your ideal budget for voice lessons and provide further information on your goals and location. When we know more about you, we can make a suggestion to the teacher who best fits all of your criteria.

We never want the price to stop you from singing, which is why we offer discounts for full time students and artists (any type of artist). Each of our teachers have spent thousands on expensive singing lessons to achieve their level.

You don't have to.

In general, you can expect to pay between $25-90 / lesson.

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Students at Express Voice Studio improve at unprecedented speeds.  Using Alexander technique and other body awareness / alignment training, our singing teachers highlight what habits are unique to you and causing tension. 


Because no two bodies are the same, we cannot teach two students the same way. There are big picture exercises we may prescribe to strengthen your voice, but the thought sequences, physical awareness techniques, and structure of your training is never the same as another students. Approaches to vocal technique must be constantly revised as you improve, the journey of a singer is malleable.

We are your partner in teaching you how to learn, how to work efficiently on your voice, how to push through a vocal plateau, how to build up your confidence before a performance, and this living/breathing format of lessons enables our students to push through plateaus and achieve the best sound they are capable of.