Acting Voice Technique 

The healthy use of your voice as an actor is paramount to longevity, reliability, and artistry.

Acting Projection is the ability to articulate and fill the largest of auditoriums with your voice- without damaging or straining it. The improper use of your voice can not only cause nodes or voice loss, but stunt your career. An actor that cannot be heard, cannot be hired.

Acting Voice Lessons

Acting Voice Lessons focus on:

  • Alexander Technique

  • Strengthening exercises

  • Body awareness and endurance

  • Text work

  • Application of work to your scenes and awareness of disconnect/connection to your voice

Vocal Technique Rates

Please Contact For Rates.

What To Bring

  •  Wear clothing that is comfortable to move around in.

  • Bring any texts you want to work on. Preferably those that you have strongly memorized and in your body or texts that you feel comfortable with the lines, but are relatively new and don't have old habits burned in.

  • Any small props you interact with in your piece. 

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