Healthy Vocal Technique


The fastest way to sing better is to develop the skill of self analysis. Your body is not the same as anyone else's and so, our teachers work with you to identify your specific tensions, habits, and areas of improvement. For there, we create a personalized vocal workout routine unique to you.

Each of our teachers have a slightly different approach to the voice based on their own journey. However, we all share common foundations:

  • Body awareness training in either Alexander Technique or a combination of multiple somatic body movement ideologies.

  • Successful on-stage performing experiences enabling us to help you with confidence, self talk, artistic interpretation, and concert / recording preparation routines.

  • An understanding that one size does not fit all. We do not take the same approach nor always the same exercises to help every student. We will analyze your voice and body individually and design a program specific to your needs and goals.

Montreal Singing School

Opportunities For Singers In Montreal

Singers working with any of the voice teachers at the studio will be able to participate in 2 concerts a year. These concerts are an opportunity for you to perform with live musicians in front of a live audience of friends and family!

The studio also hosts mini masterclasses for students not wanting to sing in front of such a large audience. These sessions allow you to work with multiple teachers in the studio, receiving feedback and coaching on your repertoire while singing in front of much fewer people.

The studio also sends a monthly newsletter (you can sign up on our homepage!) which includes free singing tips, guided vocal workouts from our teachers, local opportunities you should know about as a singer, podcast episodes on vocal technique and song writing, and more!

Voice Lessons for Children & Adults

Singing lessons at Express Voice Studio are offered in French & English for ages 8+

Opera singing lessons