How do you learn to play the piano?

Find yourself a teacher who shows you how to love the process of learning.

Whether you are looking for piano lessons for kids or piano lessons for adults, the biggest piece of advice we can give you, is to prioritize finding a teacher who understands what your goals are and pushes you to get there while keeping things enjoyable.

The basis of piano lessons at Express Voice Studio is empowering you to be an artist. 

Do you want to sing and play piano? Maybe you just want to learn lead sheet.

Do you want to write your own songs? We can teach you to understand chord progressions.

Are you preparing for a University Piano Exam? We can teach you music theory.

Do you have a child who has trouble focusing? We can keep changing things up.

Piano Teachers In Montreal

We have access to affordable piano teachers throughout Montreal through our partnership with The Lauber Music Academy.

Piano Lessons for Children & Adults

Although we recommend starting piano after the age of 6, there are some exceptionally focused children who are able to start sooner. Contact us to talk. 

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Fun Piano Teachers In Montreal