Your voice is a unique instrument, and being able to utilize it in any circumstance with the full depth of its colour throughout your range is a process. 

But, not a complicated one.

The basis of singing lessons at Express Voice Studio is to strengthen the muscles necessary for healthy singing while allowing any unnecessary muscle engagement to relax and become passive. 

This technique achieves results for any style of music: Jazz, Classical, Belt & Musical Theatre, Folk, & Contemporary.

You have the opportunity to select a teacher based on your income, location, and singing style. See our Teachers page to check out your mentors.

Singing lessons at Express Voice Studio are offered in French & English for ages 7+

Voice Lesson Duration: What is Right For You?


If you have never taken voice lessons and are looking to start with an easy-going introduction, 30 minutes is likely substantial. Young singing students may also find this is the best time length, based on how long they can focus.


30 minutes can often feel like it goes by very quickly. If you are looking to have time to work on technique and then move onto working songs in the same session, 45 minutes is enough time to give attention to both. Anyone who has taken lessons or is looking to work on singing as more than a passive hobby will want to have a minimum of 45 minutes.


Students or artists looking to improve their vocal agility and sound for professional purposes will want to take an hour. This is also for students that are experiencing severe pain when singing and want to work intensively on their technique. 

Affordable Singing Lessons

We know life is busy, especially for working professionals and artists; We offer singing lessons without contracts! If you want a weekly lesson, biweekly, monthly, or on a per-need basis, this can be arranged with your singing teacher.


Please contact us for more information.

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