Speaking Vocal Comfort

We use our voices constantly, but how many of us think about how we speak? Usually, this isn't a thought until something is uncomfortable.

If you notice your neck and throat are always sore and speaking feels tight in this area, you are likely experiencing vocal discomfort from speaking. When a voice is raspy, quiet with an inability to project loudly, or often disappears, it is showing signs of misuse.

As with any injury, the way to health is through calculated movements repeated to strengthen the supporting musculature. 

Express Voice Studio is based on vocal technique that can prevent these injuries. By learning how to speak comfortably with an engaged voice, you will eradicate throat tension and guard yourself against serious vocal injury.

Please note, if you have been diagnosed with nodes or have reason to believe you are experiencing a severe vocal injury, you should see a specialist immediately to be scoped. 

Vocal Technique Rates

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What To Bring

  •  Wear clothing that is comfortable to move around in.

  • A monologue, article, or other text for you to read and practice implementing the work.

  • If you enjoy singing, bringing music can also be effective for increasing vocal strength.

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